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Charter-System Ltd. car rental service is available for companies and Hungarian or foreign citizens over 21 years of age with a permanent place of residenceand a minimum 2-year-old driving licence.
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Charter-System Kft.. car rental service is available for companies and Hungarian or foreign citizens over 21 years of age with a permanent place of residenceand a minimum 2-year-old driving licence. The lessee is bound to pay the rent to Charter-System Kft. calculated at the rates stated in the ”Lease Contract. The minimum lease period is one day. The lease daystarts at the time when the vehicle is handed over or as stated in the ”Lease Contract” and lasts for 24 hours. If a new 24-hour period has started, the period will be billed as a whole day.

The lessee is bound to make advance payment calculated on the basis of the lease period which will be deducted from the bill at the end of the lease period. The lessee also has to pay 60,000-300,000 Ft deposit. Settlement must be made in cash or in the case of prior agreement by bank transfer upon returning the vehicle.

Reservation is available on written order and deposit payment (50% of pre-calculated rent).

The lessee is bound:

  • to announce his claim for extending the duration of the lease contract at least 12 hours earlier than the contract expires;
  • to handle the vehicle with care and to keep the documents of the vehicle and all the accessories mentioned in the ”Lease Contract” in a good condition and to pay for the loss or damage done to the vehicle and its accessories;
  • to take the vehicle to Charter-System Kft’s garage for MOT test.
  • to use fuel specified for the vehicle and to pay the repair, towage, storage and other costs caused by the improper use of the vehicle;
  • to acknowledge that the leasing and lending of the vehicle to others, using the vehicle for car-racing and training purposes,and towing other motor driven vehicles (except with a towing-hook) is strictly forbidden;
  • to hand over his personal documents and consent to Charter-System Kft. copying and keeping such documents for six months, and handing over the rental egreement together with its appendices (the copies of personal documents) to the competent authories if required;

In the case of vehicle breakdown or accident the lessee has to:

  • notify Charter-System Kft. immediately and follow the instructions given. In case the vehicle can be driven safely, it has to be repaired in Charter-System Kft.’s garage. If needed, a qualified service station is allowed to repair the vehicle up to a limit of 25,000 Ft with the consent of Charter-system Kft. This payment will only be refunded to the lesseeagainst an invoice of the repair issued for the name and address of Charter-System Kft. (7627 Pécs, Diófa u. 1.) and upon presenting the old spare-parts changed;
  • if the vehicle cannot be driven, transport it to a safe closed location and notify Charter-System Kft. about the place of storage immediately;
  • in the case of an accidentwith personal injury or damage over 15,000 Ft, the lessee has to call the police to take an official record and – regardless of who is liable for the accident – has to deliver the certificate of it to Charter-System Kft. Not following these instructions given, will result in full liability for the damage caused.
  • there is no guarantee for any financial or other loss caused by any delay due to the breakdown or damage of the vehicle.

The lessee agrees to the following:

  • The hired vehicle can only be used in the territory of Hungary, the use of the vehicleabroad without the prior written permission of Charter-System Kft. is forbidden.
  • The fuel consumed during the use of the vehicle must be paid by the lessee. The difference in fuel quantity between picking up and returning the vehicle is billed with the current price of the fuel +20%.
  • The cost of puncture repair and tyre change,parking, motorway and other fees are to be paid by the lessee; any fines and penalty fees imposed for not paying such fees incurred have to be paid by the lessee within three days reckoned from notification.
  • The vehicle rented is equipped with Global Positioning System and is used continuously.
  • In the case of an accident caused by the lessee, he is bound to pay 10,000 Ft per day for the period of repair in addition to the payment defined by the vehicle insurance policy.
  • In the case of any damage caused –if the CASCO of the car covers breakage, 10% of the actual value of damage or the own risk must be paid by the lessee – in the lack of CASCO the whole amount has to be paid by the lessee. The amount surpassing the deposit will have to be paid within three days. The cost of storing and transporting the vehicle broken down due to the fault of the lessee is to be included in this amount.
  • If the lessee is liable for the accident, the cost of the BONUS loss – 10,000 Ft – has to be paid by the lessee within three days.
  • The vehicle is given out fully cleaned and with the amount of fuel in the tank recorded in the rental agreement and the vehicle has to be returned in the same condition or else the lessee has to pay for it at our rates
  • In the case of any delay, we will charge the rental fee of a whole day for every 12-hour period started – as penalty fee.
  • A delay exceeding 24 hours qualifies as embezzlement and will be reported to the police and will be prosecuted.
  • In the case of car theft or disappearance the lessee bears full financial liability for the vehicle hired.
  • Pursuant to the provision laid down in 10 § 2b (6) of BM 20/1990, the documents of the vehicle are valid only together with the rental agreement until its expiry.
  • The lessee cannot provide any kind of domestic public road service with the vehicle or the lessee is charged with the duty of notifying the National Transport Authority.

The following items have to be checked on the vehicle:

  • braking systems; lights and indicators; quality and air pressure of the tyres; appropriate operation of the steering mechanism and the engine; transmission, generator, motor oil, fuel, battery acid level, cooling liquid level, windscreen washingliquid level; chassis and inside upholstery; undercarriage and axles; safety devices; a short driving test.
  • In the course of this checking procedure the lessee and Charter-System Kft. state that the vehicle is in a technical and esthetic condition suitable for taking part in traffic.If the checking procedure is not performed for any reason, the lessee acknowledges that the vehicle complied with all rules and regulatiuons and was in a condition fit for purpose when picking it up.

Parties agree that issues not provided for in this document are to be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code..

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